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Bonus #1

20 Voice Overs By The Top Spokesperson

In Internet Marketing, Todd Gross

(A $750 Value) 

Todd has recorded a variety of voice overs to entice business owners to become your customers. 

Add these audios to your videos for a true professional touch.

Bonus #2

Scorching HOT Mobileverse Niches 

(A $97 Value) 

First, I'll show you the HOTTEST niches filled with businesses ALREADY paying $500, $2,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 or more for Instant App Funnels right now...

Allowing you to ignore the businesses that are too cheap to invest in their business and INSTEAD...

Focus ONLY on the highest paying niches that can get you to your monthly income goals with just 1 or 2 clients.

Bonus #3

The 48 Hour Listing Emails 

(A $1,997 Value) 

Then, I'll give you our pre-written and ready to send listing emails that you can copy, paste and SEND out to the businesses I tell you to...

Filling up your inbox fill up with replies & offers from highly motivated potential local business buyers from all over the world!

NO meeting with clients in person

NO leaving your home

Just hit SEND and watch the offers come in!

Bonus #4

The Big Ticket Pricing Guide

( A Value $10,000)

Before I got my first $10,000 deal I struggled to understand how others were getting clients to pay them 4-5 figures for something that only took them a few hours to do.

But I've cracked the code to turning complete strangers into PAYING 4-5 figure clients and I can't WAIT to reveal it to you in this FREE bonus training. And best of all...

You won't need to use ANY sleazy sales tactics

​In fact, you won't need ANY sales skills at all!

FINALLY! Even awkwardly shy introverts can WIN big clients too!

Bonus #5

Social Media Image Creator 

(A $199 Value)

Create platform-specific images for Facebook & Instagram with correct dimensions. This app even comes with ready-made templates that you can completely customize.

EXCLUSIVE Offer For Friends and Subscribers Of Todd

"Google's Amazing New Instant App Funnels w/ Superpowers That Are Breaking Sales Records Online"

First came websites. Second came sales funnels. Third came mobile apps. And NOW, the next BIG thing in internet marketing is HERE ... "

Used By a CLUELESS Newbie To Make $500 /Day From His 1 Bedroom Apartment

 NO Meeting With Clients

NO Tech Skills 


Based on a REAL Newbie Success Story!

You Can Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

Bonus #6

Stock Image Finder App 

(A $197 Value)

Creating images that are beautiful or eye-catching or unexpected or show just the right emotion can be very difficult and time consuming… unless you have the right tool.

This bonus solves that problem!

This app will help you find 1M+ royalty Free stock images, vectors and videos so that you can focus on creating high-quality images for your websites.

Bonus #7

Free Advertising Credits Worth $500  

This bonus will get you free advertising credits worth $500 for all your advertising needs on Google, Linkedin, Bing ads, yelp, Tiktok Apple Search ads, and Amazon Ads.

You Can Your First "Instant App Funnel" LIVE and Ready To Send to THOUSANDS of Potential Buyers In The Next 5 Minutes!

 After Getting FIRED From His 9-5 Job at Walmart For Being Too Lazy (Yes really!)

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